Throwback Thursday: Fishbone – Party at Ground Zero

It’s hard not to think we are heading towards the end of the world if you listen to the news everyday. This year has been especially crazy, and I know many of us are waiting for some respite which may come in November after the election, or may never come. At some point, we may just all have to throw away our worries and get crazy.

Thankfully, Los Angeles ska-punks Fishbone wrote an anthem for this way back in 1985. “Party at Ground Zero” has the frenetic energy one would expect to feel around the area where a nuclear bomb was about to go off, but balances it with a joyful bounce to get one’s skank on. If the world is going to end, this is the song I want soundtracking the final six and a half moments as we all dance in the streets, drink and say goodbye to the human race.

Of course, I really really hope things never come to that – but it’s good to have this jam in the arsenal just in case. And hey, it really is good for anytime you need a pick-me-up.

Take a listen!

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