Lost Gems: Accidental Superhero – Miss You Like Crazy

While bands like Matchbox Twenty and Third Eye Blind were starting to fade from the radio in the early 2000’s, it didn’t stop their influence from carrying over to younger, up-and-coming bands. And in the mp3.com days, one group that was making waves was Accidental Superhero. Formed in the mid-90s in Colorado Springs, the band received national attention, including some radio play. Their songs were massively downloaded on the site, and that’s where I first heard their single “Miss You Like Crazy”.

A mix of crunchy guitars and a big romantic pop chorus, while some of the band’s tracks fit the harder radio rock that was big at the time, “Miss You Like Crazy” was perfectly suited for crossover success. Off their 2003 album Full Circle, the track was easy to singalong to, but still packed enough heft that proved the band were no softies.

Sadly, the band is no more (their Facebook page seems to not have been updated since 2012) and their albums aren’t available on the major streaming services. Luckily for all of you, the track has found its way onto YouTube (apparently it was part of the soundtrack for Xbox game Project Gotham Racing 2).

Take a listen to this pop rock nugget below!


  1. I released every song this band had on YouTube, I know one of the members personally… it’s my family. go check it out! It’s amazing.


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