Playlist: Quiet Comfortable Dusk

Since getting into the playlisting game, one of our most popular lists has become our Easy Breezy Weekend Morning playlist, filled with tracks to soundtrack a relaxing Saturday or Sunday morning. Feeling like it was time for a proper companion piece to this list, we can now present our Quiet Comfortable Dusk playlist.

Perfect for the mellow golden hour as the sun sets, a brisk stroll as night shows it’s face, or a hushed evening at home on a cold winter evening, this playlist features a mix of folk, soul, indie, pop and classic rock tracks will fit these quiet vibes.

Featuring big name acts like Taylor Swift, Bon Iver, Jason Isbell, Khalid, John Mayer and Van Morrison, as well as lesser known but equally great songwriters like Matthew Ryan, Brian Fallon, Holly Williams, and Julien Baker, this will be a perfect collection as we head into the longer nights of winter.

Follow our Quiet Comfortable Dusk Playlist here!

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