Check This: Loryn Taggart – The River

Artist: Loryn Taggart

Song: The River

Genre: Folk, Indie, Singer-Songwriter

Award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter Loryn Taggart has been surrounded by music for most of her adult life, having toured across her country playing in bar band Canvas before launching her own solo career. After releasing successful singles and a debut EP, she is readying her first full-length album, and the first taste of it is the gorgeous “The River”.

Though musically somber, with Taggart’s lilting vocals soaring over gentle acoustic guitars and strings, the lyrics are delivered with a subtle sarcastic bite; “I need a man to cross the river” she sings, referring to the man that led her to move to a new country, only to then show that her sacrifice was one-sided. The song also surprises, transforming into a baroque pop number at the end, as if to ensure the track leaves no one feeling too distraught.

Take a listen to “The River” in our Check This 2020 Playlist and Undiscovered Hits: Acoustic/Folk/Americana/Singer-Songwriter Playlist.

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