Music Video: Veinmelter – All The Waves

“‘You take the boat out in the water, and all the waves move back to me’ sets [the song] up. When one person is having problems and chooses to isolate emotionally, that all creates turbulence for their partner. You cannot be an island in a relationship.”Winston Harrison.

“All The Waves” is the first single off of the debut album by Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist, Winston Harrison. Veinmelter is his new musical adventure, where he dives into an ambient rock sound. Combined with the ethereal visuals inspired by Jim Campbell, the combination of the song and music video (produced by Chad McClarnon) really does act as a momentary meditative escape for the eyes, ears and mind.

As you are swept away by the mesmerizing sounds of “All The Waves,” the video gives you a sense of viewing life from under water. At times you can make out what you are seeing more clearly, and at other times it varies from trying to watch something on a cable channel you haven’t subscribed to (that’s a reference for the elder Millennials and Gen X’ers), or even a Rorschach Test. Either way, I like that you can honestly just stare at the screen and release the mind and let yourself go to the music.

Check out the music video above, and listen to more from Veinmelter below:

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