Cover Corner: Cristin Milioti – 715 Creeks (Bon Iver)

Cristin Milioti, star of the Broadway show Once.

While she’s gained more attention as part of movies like the excellent Palm Springs and Wolf of Wall Street, or shows like How I Met Your Mother, actress Cristin Milioti‘s first big break was starring in the stage version of the folk musical Once, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that she has superb musical talent. But, it’s only until now that she’s moved forward with recording her first proper album, and as the first taste of the direction she’s going in, Milioti has released a gorgeous cover of Bon Iver‘s “715 Creeks”.

While Bon Iver‘s original version leans heavily into autotune without any instrumentation, Milioti lets her natural vocal prowess take over. Backed by a few piano chords and a cello, Milioti brings a wispy melancholy to the song that pulls on the heartstrings. It swells in the right places, and shirks away to let the silence speak. She makes the song her own in masterful fashion.

Take a listen to her version here.

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