Check This: Medium Love – New Pyramids

Artist: Medium Love

Song: “New Pyramids”

Genre: Rock, Indie

Following the natural ending of his previous band Big Deal, vocalist and songwriter Kacey Underwood formed Medium Love. Taking inspiration from the emotion and narrative of his dreams, Medium Love started releasing music in 2019, sharing a couple singles and an EP. Last month, the project dropped its latest single “New Pyramids”.

About the song, Underwood says:

Things feel like they keep moving faster, and it doesn’t seem like we can slow down. It makes me thing about what lasts. I have a deep interest in the Pyramids of Giza. I started to think about what would be left of us if it did all go south, which would just be tonnes of plastic floating in the ocean and in the trees. Might as well do something with it all and make our own monument to our new gods.’

Though opening with heavy drums and synths, Underwood’s vocals add an emotive melodic drive to the song that blooms on the passionate chorus. As he sings “I can’t adjust” again and again, it strikes a nerve that you will feel in your gut.

Listen to this new track in our Check This 2021 Playlist!

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