Cover Corner: Katie Malco – Cloudbusting (Kate Bush)

Fresh off the heals of releasing her 2020 album Failures, UK singer/songwriter Katie Malco has dropped a cover of the Kate Bush song “Cloudbusting”. The artist’s knack for melancholic, guitar-driven rock, which has landed her tours with Julien Baker, Jenny Lewis and Bob Mould, turns out to be a perfect fit for tackling Bush’ 1985 masterpiece.

Kate Bush‘s version is a fluttery, orchestral pop gem that mightily floats high above raining down its glory on us. Malco strips down the track into soothing folk ballad. From the soothing harmonies to the lightly picked banjo notes, it’s an impeccable transformation of the track that brings it back down to earth from Bush’s celestial original.

Take a listen to Malco’s version below, and be sure to listen to her wonderful album Failures!

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