Music Video: Sly Boy – Sin (Premiere)

Tennessee’s Sly Boy is an alternative, dark pop outfit masterminded by producer Liam Smith. Having largely self-produced his debut 2019 EP Is This What You Wanted to See, he’s has started dropping new singles this year, with the stark, moody “Sin” released last Friday. According to Sly Boy, the track:

‘Sin’ reflects the self-violence I so commonly feel after letting myself down. I think all people have moments when they step outside themselves and think, Wow, I’m really not living up to the version of myself I want to be. When you happen to be living under a prescribed moral code, such as religion, you’re forced to experience those moments more often.

With the new song, we are premiering today the accompanying video for the track. Contrasting VHS-style footage of himself with images of statues and monuments, the piece maintains a DIY aesthetic that fits with Sly Boy‘s musical artistry. When asked about the video, Sly Boy replied:

I’m really just working with the tools available to me as someone who self-produces most aspects of artistry. VHS felt like a reliably personal way to get the imagery captured, especially after having designed the artwork surrounding the upcoming album (Jibō Complex) using 35mm.

Each person/heavenly being portrayed in the statues has such a unique spirit. While the video centers on me as the artist and subject matter, there is a sense of kith-ship between myself and them.

The grainy, hand-held footage captures the pained, melancholic vibe of the track perfectly. Watch the video above and stream the track below:

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