World Watch: Grrrl Gang

Country: Indonesia

After meeting at their school in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, the trio of Angeeta Sentana, Edo Alventa and Akbar Rumandung were soon gaining buzz off their first 2019 released singles, “Bathroom” and “Thrills” under the name Grrrl Gang. Listening to these resplendent tracks, one might think they were listening to a lost b-side from a 60’s girl group, or a Silverlake-based indie pop band. The group writes perfect, throwback bubblegum pop rock tracks that carry a retro sheen in their lovable simplicity.

While “Thrills” kicks with a sassy, Nancy Sinatra-style confidence and garage rock backing, other tracks like “Dream Grrrl” and their latest single, “Honey, Baby”, have a twee sense of endearing innocence, even as the melodies and songwriting show off a maturity that paints them as old souls.

This is a group that deserves to take the world by storm, so get on the bandwagon now and listen to a couple of their great tunes in our World Watch Playlist!

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