Check This: Démira – New Voodoo

Artist: Démira

Song: “New Voodoo”

Album: New Voodoo EP

Genre: Electro/Trip-Hop, Pop

After staying up all night at an underground punk show in Paris, Dutch singer/songwriter Démira began writing in hopes of capturing the same adrenalized energy she was feeling at that moment. The result of this night of exhausted inspiration was “New Voodoo”.

The track is simply hypnotic. Tribal drums are thrown in the mix with electronic Bollywood beats, while a haunting children’s choir back up Démira‘s tenacious vocals spin around subjects like Catholic guilt and youthful faces flushed with victory. The song carries an indescribable energy, creeping into your bones in unsettling yet irresistible ways.

It’s a true original, and worth you checking out in our Check This 2021 playlist!

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