Check This: Aziya – Blood

Artist: Aziya

Song: “Blood”

Album: We Speak of Tides EP

Label: Osmo-Sis

Genre: Alternative

Rising British musician Aziya has been dubbed “an emerging rockstar for Generation Z”, and listening to her eclectic new EP We Speak of Tides does nothing to dissuade this title. Artists like Aziya are what the “alternative” genre label were created for, as she blends rock, pop, electronic and R&B elements in her unique voice. Her guitar-playing skills have gained the attention of fellow artists Grimes and H.E.R., and garnered her praise from a number of noteworthy publications.

While there’s something to be said about all the tracks on her EP, the stand-out is single “Blood”. Post-punk guitars and drums back-up Aziya‘s soulful verses. A look at complicated relationships dynamics in a family, the chorus finds Aziya singing loudly “You’re my blood! It’s a word that you don’t understand.” The track has a classic pop-rock structure, but Aziya‘s guitar playing and powerful vocals elevate it into something truly memorable.

Take a listen to the powerful track in our Check This 2021 playlist!

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