Music Video: Don Broco – Gumshield

UK band Don Broco‘s latest single, “Gumshield”, explores the pitfalls of social media and taking a stance on issues online…which is why it’s kind of funny that frontman Rob Damiani used social media to document his boxing training, leading to his first professional fight with British Heavyweight Champion Dave “White Rhino” Allen.

The track, which melds pummeling electro-hardcore verses and big, melodic psych-emo chorus, sounds like it could easily soundtrack a fierce boxing match. But, in much the same way as Don Broco pranked their fans with some of their earlier videos, the boxing training was all a set-up for this latest visual feast. The video opens with Rob getting into the ring with the White Rhino, and quickly being knocked senseless into a psychedelic wrestling ring, where his opponent is a blindfolded version of himself.

As Rob battles his alter-ego, he’s cheered on by strange monks (played by the band members), a small dinosaur, and watched by a masked priest referee. Intercut with this humorous wrestling match is a trippy band performance in front of a celestial background.

It’s always enjoyable to watch a band have a good time in their videos and not take themselves so seriously, and “Gumshield” is a lark. Watch the video above, and stream the track below!

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