Check This: The Foreign Films – All the Love You Give

Artist: The Foreign Films

Song: “All the Love You Give”

Album: Starlight Serenade

Genre: Classic Rock, Pop Rock

There is something timeless and endlessly pleasing about the musical sounds of classic artists like The Beatles and Beach Boys. Listening to The Foreign Films, it would seem that they agree. Created by Canadian singer-songwriter Bill Majoros, The Foreign Films conjure the cinematic classic sounds of these bygone bands, while giving them a modern sheen.

This sort of retro-futurism can be heard one their most recent single “All the Love You Give”. About the song, Majoros says:

The mystical premise of my new single, “All The Love You Give,” asks the question, if you could go back in time, what would you change? The character magically wakes up in the 1960s with a chance to begin again. She decides to follow her bliss and take the path less travelled. All this love you give, live the life you want to live with all the love you give. Like a musical time machine, you’ll hear jangly guitars, vintage drums, bass and synthesizers played with a very live feel.

Listening to the track, it’s easy to get lost in the dreamy pop melodies and jangly instrumentation. While the percussion pulls you in, Majoros’ voice recalls the likes of Alex Chilton, while the added bits of horns will put “Penny Lane” in your brain. It’s a beautiful track and worth you checking out in our Check This 2021 playlist!

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