Banger of the Week: Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes – Go Get a Tattoo

Frank Carter (formerly of Gallows and Pure Love) & the Rattlesnakes hit the ground running a couple years ago upon the release of their righteous single “Crowbar”. The upstart British punks were lathered in praise, becoming one of the most buzzed-about new rock groups of the moment.

Let’s be honest – pretty much every song the group releases bangs pretty hard, but as they are getting ready to release their new album Sticky on October 15th, they’ve been dropping new songs, and the latest one, “Go Get a Tattoo”, featuring Lynks, should definitely be the banger you hear this week.

An ode to Carter’s second love, tattooing (he opened his own tattoo parlor shortly before Covid, and had to watch it shut it’s doors after three weeks), the song powers up at the start with a heavy post-punk rhythm section. The bass and drum interplay can easily get you dancing, while Carter spits lyrics in a hip-hop cadence before the furious chorus comes in.

“Smash your T.V.. Burn the news!” Carter sings with a rallying-cry urgency over a surge of punk rock guitars. Even the acoustic bridge is harder than most songs out there today.

Hear the track in our Banger of the Week Playlist and get your mosh on.

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