Check This: Small Dogs – Miami

Artist: Small Dogs

Song: “Miami”

Label: Lost on Beach Road

Genre: Indie Pop, Afrobeat

Though summer is in its final month, summer songs are eternal, and small dogs is here to provide one as the sun sets on summer 2021. The moniker of George Barnett, small dogs left London to go to NYC, via East Africa, and some of that country’s rich musical style seeps into this hazy beachside bop.

Barnett’s vocals glide over click-clack drum beat and upright piano, while bass synths and Afrobeat samples create a tropical air. A woozy guitar line and female backing vocals add that sleepy summer effect. The lyrics truly sail you into the vibe; “You said you wanted to go home and walk along that beach road” and will leave you wishing you were lounging in the sand in front of a Miami beachside bungalow.

Check out this breezy tune in our Check This 2021 Playlist:

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