Check This: Art School Girlfriend – Is It Light Where You Are

Artist: Art School Girlfriend

Song: “Is it Light Where You Are”

Album: Is It Light Where You Are

Label: Wolf Tone Records/Universal Music

Genre: Indie, Indie Rock, Dream Pop

London-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Polly Mackey (aka Art School Girlfriend) has been releasing hazy, melancholy-enriched dream pop music since 2017, leading to festival appearances across the UK and tours of the US with The Japanese House. Her sound is layered with atmospheric touches, while her voice calls to mind Nico with a deeper gravitas.

It’s music vibe to, and the title track from her latest album smoothly seeps in through your ears and takes over your body with it’s haunting melody and catchy trip hop beat. The lyrics travel through acceptance and regret, conjuring a longing for someone that has been left behind (“I go changing with the season. Would you look back on me sometimes?”). It strikes a powerful note that will have you returning for repeat listens.

Start getting to know Art School Girlfriend by hearing this track in our Check This 2021 Playlist!

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