New Music Friday – September 17, 2021

How much of the new music from last week did you get to listen to? These weeks go by so quickly, it’s hard to find time to really dive into everything, and just as you’re making headway, a whole new heap of new songs and albums are released!

Somehow, someway, we’ll make the time for them. Cause when you get new albums from Thrice, Jose Gonzalez, Lindsey Buckingham, and a new EP from Billy Idol, you make the time. We’re also going to make some time for the new album from folk-punk songwriter Chris Hahn, and you should too.

Then there’s new songs by great artists like St. Vincent, My Morning Jacket, The War on Drugs, Big Mother Gig, The Verve Pipe (making a triumphant return) and the legendary Rod Stewart to be considered. And then new ones from brilliant up-and-comers like Dooms Children, Jackson+Sellers, Trousdale, Sunliner, Greer, Lil Huddy and former Banger of the Week stars Bullpup.

And we always got to give some love to new artists we haven’t hosted before like Devin Hoff, Wine Lips, Me Nd Adam, Traitrs and Lusitanian Ghosts.

Are you following our New Music Friday Playlist? If no, now is a great time to start and then start listening!

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