Check This: Christian Lopez – Sick of Me

Artist: Christian Lopez

Song: “Sick of Me”

Album: The Other Side

Label: DVG Records

Genre: Alt Country, Rock

West Virginia’s Christian Lopez has been playing music since he was five years old, being educated in piano and guitar. Starting from such a young age, it’s no surprise he was releasing his first EP at 18, and has since released two full length albums. Mixing the influences of both rock, country and Americana, his guitar-based music hits strong heartland notes. During the pandemic, Lopez began releasing singles for his forthcoming third album, The Other Side, include the single “Sick of Me”.

One of his most rocking tracks to date, “Sick of Me” bangs out electric riffs and pop punk drums that flow into big soaring chorus. As Lopez ask “Are you not sick of me?”, we hear the insecurity and yearning the song’s narrator is coming from, afraid he’s pushing away the person he loves, even as he pleads he “doesn’t want to be alone”. It’s lyrically relatable with a fantastic ear worm chorus.

Check this one out in our Check This 2021 Playlist!

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