World Watch: Russkaja

Country: Austria

Since 2005, Austria’s Russkaja have been blasting out there Jamaican-ska influenced “Turbo Polka” for happy audiences around the world. The band is a cultural goulash, throwing in different languages, cultures and musical styles into their mix, making them impossible to pin down, but a joy to listen to.

“Energia” bounces with ska riffs and an empowering call-to-arms (“are you ready to break down the walls?”), before thrash vocals and a Romani horn line blast in on the chorus. On their latest single “Russki Style”, a ripping metal guitar riff charges up while a brass section and shouting chorus pummel you, joining melodic hardcore vocals that smooth out for a catchy, melodic chorus. Violins and tuba add to the Slavic style of this worldly romp.

And then there’s their cover of Avicii‘s “Wake Me Up”, which strips the track into a polka-punk party track for the pit.

What you basically need to know is Russkaja are a fun band that will get you moshing, skanking and shouting along in a number of languages. Check out a couple of their tracks in our World Watch Playlist:

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