Music Video: Lime Cordiale – Apple Crumble (feat. Idris Elba)

I think we can all be honest that when we first hear about an actor venturing into music, our initial reactions are not positive. Sure, some have had big success like Jared Leto. But then there’s Bruce Willis. And David Duchovny. Eddie Murphy. I could go on.

Famed LUTHOR actor Idris Elba received somewhat of a similar response when it became known he was also venturing into the music world. While I can’t say I’ve listened to his solo work, I’m quite pleased by his decision to collaborate with Australian pop-rockers Lime Cordiale. The results of this unexpected pairing is a deliciously smooth, breezy alt. pop bop that deserves to be a world wide hit. An ode to getting oneself into trouble with the ladies, the track easily gets stuck in your head. I mean, it makes me want to throw our “Barney Rubble” at random times too.

Equally great is the paper collage animation music video accompanying the track. The delirious clip finds Idris as a baker, swimming in an ocean of clothes, and joining the Lime Cordiale guys riding horned dolphins, and eventually go into space. It’s bright, colorful, weird and a perfect fit for the song.

Stream the song here, and watch the video above.

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