Music Video: Nathan Leigh – House on Stilts

Singer, songwriter, composer and animator Nathan Leigh began work on what would become the stop-motion animated visual for his House on Stilts EP back in 2011, originally planning it to be a music video for a single song. As the work continued, it became clear to Leigh that the video was a much more expansive project, and wouldn’t just cover one single song.

Nathan Leigh

Starting with the mellow, harmonica-laced folk title track, the video follows a wind-up bird building its own house on stilts. After the bird completes its house, we find it writing a list of Reasons to Panic as “The Overwhelmed Song” begins. The video ends with the upbeat “More of a Call-Out Post Than a Song, Really”, where our bird protagonist performs a track for a crowd of small human figurines (following George Washington and Lincoln doing numbers on acoustic guitars).

There are far more fun moments and details in the seven and a half minute visual, but I don’t want to spoil it all for you. It’s a great accompaniment to Leigh’s new EP, and a sharp piece of animation. Watch the full video above, and stream the new EP here.

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