Check This: WizTheMC – Stoned Nights

Artist: WizTheMC

Song: “Stoned Nights”

Album: Where Silence Feels Good EP

Label: 10k Projects/Homemade Projects

Genre: Hip-Hop, Pop, Alternative

Singer/Songwriter/Rapper/Producer WizTheMC has spent his life across three continents; born in South Africa, raised in Germany, and currently living in Toronto. Seeing his style as “borderless music”, he has a sound heavily influenced by introspective rappers like Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole, but retains the kind of melodic pop hooks that are solely unique to him. With his debut EP due in February 2022, Wiz has just released his latest single “Stoned Nights”.

Chill electric guitar lines and a mellow beat flow along as Wiz lets his head-bobbing verses flow. There’s regret in his lyrics (“deep down I wish I could have saved us”), and builds into the melancholy, lovelorn chorus (“wish I never felt so high, wish I never felt your heart, cause now we’re too far gone”). There’s an authenticity to the vibes Wiz creates, and a heart to the songwriting.

Check out this gem of a track in our Check This 2021 Playlist!

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