Bad Ass Break-Out: Noga Erez

When looking at the catalog of work from Israeli singer and songwriter, Noga Erez, I can’t help but be mesmerized by her transformative take on the indie and electronic pop genre.

Erez and partner/collaborator Ori Rousso have been releasing music together since around 2016. On a surface level, it may feel like just a variation on alt pop; however, what Noga and Rousso compose pushes the genre into a refreshing experimental age. With propulsive beats and a bittersweet tune, Erez injects her enigmatic voice into each song. 

In an age when finding your own artistic voice can be challenging, Erez makes it look easy.

Her blending of pop, rap, and electronic dance encapsulates a truly modern sound, one that can’t be replicated. This shines through in songs like “Dance While You Shoot”, “Story” or  even her cover of  “Industry Baby.” The “twang” that she brings to the song “Views” is another great example of her personal style.

Erez’s work is like if Billie Eilish’s music and Regina Specktor’s music had a baby. She captures the airy and melancholy sound; however, Erez keeps the indie spirit, leaving room to play and push boundaries. 

Erez has spoken to the concept of limitations helping her process; this isn’t dissimilar to how a filmmaker with a limited budget or an artist with a limited color palette creates their work. Erez’s mastery of the genre and self enforced limitations enable her “less is more” approach. This can extend to her video’s as well.

In the music video for “You So Done,” Erez simply dances with a robot arm. The narrative may be stripped down compared to later videos, but it proves that one doesn’t need a flashy production to make great art. To me, it feels like her music is a new wave of art itself that rightfully expresses innovation using the everyday tools at our disposal (i.e: computers!).

I feel like this is the dawning of a new era. Voices like those of Erez and Rousso are truly refreshing and necessary to bring the genre to new heights. They have a strong sense of artistic integrity, unafraid to break the mold with avant-garde sounds and visuals. Their growing fanbase is very supportive of this new take.

I feel like I’m witnessing history being made. I recommend Noga Erez to anyone who’s excited about the new frontier of the genre.

Take a listen to a few of Noga’s songs in our Bad Ass Break-Outs Playlist!

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