World Watch: Bits in Pockets

Country: Turkey

Taking their names from the nostalgic mementos often found within pockets (a ticket stub, a crumpled note), Turkish alt-rock quartet Bits in Pockets likely experience some nostalgia together, having met in high school. The group recorded their debut EP (The Bits, coming April 29th) between long-distance sessions (as members were attending college in Canada and the US) and feverish in-person sessions in Istanbul.

The results are electric. Latest single “Collette” is blistering with hyperactive drums and roguish vocals, as songwriter Emre Arduman spins a tale about a pandemic relationship that never gels. It’s reminiscent of early Arctic Monkeys, with ramshackle charm and sharp riffs. “Sailed Away” is a heavier number, with swampy chords fermenting before things kick into hard rock bliss on the chorus.

If you’re craving some riveting rock n’ roll, Bits in Pockets will satiate your needs. Listen to their two songs in our World Watch playlist (now on Apple Music as well)!

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