New Music Friday – April 1, 2022

We ain’t fooling with today’s releases. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are finally back with a new album. While this is the one everyone’s going to be streaming today, there are also new albums from Pup, Superlove and Charming Liars that you should not sleep on (and since they’re loud rock albums, they won’t make sleep easy). If you need something more mellow, then you can sink into the new ones from Christian Lee Hutson and Ryan Adams.

Following the viral success of their song “Freak”, Surf Curse have dropped their first new single since breaking out, and it’s a great one. Rare Americans and Radkey are both back with new jams, and The Regrettes are continuing teasing their next album with another new one. The Juliana Theory have a really catchy new track out from their upcoming EP, and Dean Lewis has an emotional new ballad to muster up some tears.

Fences, girlfriends, Lupe Fiasco and Surfaces are all providing us with new tunes today. Oh, and some guy named Harry Styles has a new song out. Some people seem to be pretty excited by that. Receiving their first spins on our playlist this week are Shamarr Allen, Bloods, Kid Bloom, Sum Sun, Miynt, Will Carlisle and Luianna.

Start listening to the best new tracks out this week in our New Music Friday Playlist on Spotify or Apple!

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