Music Video: The Carousel Predicament – Tongue Tied

Ever feel like your tongue just gets away from you, to the point you just wish you could cut it off to save yourself the embarrassment? Well that’s what The Carousel Predicament frontman Cory Withrow does in the band’s latest single “Tongue Tied”, with unexpected results.

The very catchy pop-punk tune about being “self-destructive – getting to a point where progress feels impossible so you’d rather derail yourself completely than stay stuck on the same plateau” is brought humorously to life in the video, as Withrow cuts his tongue off, and soon finds the little sucker with eyes, a mouth and a life of his own.

The tongue goes on a joy ride in a toy car, bringing chaos to Withrow’s life as it roams the neighborhood. With fun bits of animation and bold cinematography for the “tongue-out-of-cheek” video, the visual provides buoyant accompaniment for the energetic track.

Watch the video above, and stream the track here.

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