World Watch: Cornerstone

Country: Austria

When I think of Eastern European music, I tend to think of heavier rock and metal, but their are groups that have plenty of melodic talent coming from that area of the world as well – Cornerstone being one of them. They have been releasing their own brand of melodic rock for the last fourteen years, taking inspiration from funk and 80’s music to stand out among their piers. The group has toured the US and Europe, playing with bands like The Animals and also winning Ballad of the Year by British Rock Realms Magazine in 2012.

Tracks like 2016’s “Nothing to Lose” have that energetic, darker, dance rock vibe that would have soundtracked a million montages in 80’s action films. “Last Night” is more soulful, bringing in piano and saxophone while leaning on singer Elena Atkinson’s powerful singing. And then there is the group’s latest single “Private Eyes”, which addresses the little-discussed issue of male stalking victims. Even when dealing with a serious subject, the band retains a funky groove, slick guitars and intriguing pop vocals.

Check out a couple tracks by Cornerstone in our World Watch Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!

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