Music Video: Lou Hazel – Claude the Armadillo

Over forty years ago, during the height of the Cold War, Ralph Frisina wrote the song “Claude the Armadillo” about a peace-loving armadillo armoring himself against the bad times. Cut to 2022, with Russia at war with Ukraine and peace seeming a distant memory, and Frisina’s nephew Chris Frisina, who records as Lou Hazel, has brought back his uncle’s song and had an endearingly retro animated music video created to accompany it.

Over a light, acoustic country shuffle, Frisina sings the story of reuniting with Claude, remembering him from when his uncle would sing about him around a campfire, and hearing Claude tell of his encounters with men building missile silos and the fear it creates. The anti-war message of the song is sadly just as relevant now as ever, and the video – bringing to life Claude’s story and thoughts through simple, old-times animation (think SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK style) is both humorous and thoughtful.

Watch the video above, and stream the track here.

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