Check This: Will Wood – Cicada Days

Artist: Will Wood

Song: “Cicada Days”

Genre: Folk, Rock

Singer-Songwriter Will Wood has kept his persona with an air of mystery, actively avoiding social media and most modern forms of self-promotion for himself and his music. Known for being stylistically diverse, and addressing topics like his mental health and addiction while keeping his lyrics open to interpretation, he’s amassed a sizable following based solely on the strength of his songwriting alone.

One of his most recent singles, “Cicada Days”, is possibly one of his most accessible songs to date. The song’s mellow acoustic strumming, slide guitar and mandolin flourishes give it a countryish atmosphere, while the obtuse lyrics have a poetic timbre to them. What makes the song though is the rock instrumentation that comes halfway into the track, building to a noisy final chorus that you would never see coming based on where the track starts.

A musical adventure, concluding with a cathartic final battle cry, it is definitely a song to check out, so take a listen in our Check This 2022 Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!

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