World Watch: Say Sue Me

Country: South Korea

It can take some time for music to travel, even in our current internet superhighway world. That may explain why even though they’ve been around for ten years, Busan, South Korea’s Say Sue Me have only just hit my ears recently. The indie rock group, who may remind listeners of groups like Beach Bunny or Beabadoobee‘s more pop-friendly music, write songs that are effervescently lovely, filled with dreamy guitars and timeless, bubbly hooks.

Songs like “Around You” bounce along on Sungwan Jung’s peppy drum beats and Jaeyoung Ha’s grooving bass, with singer Sumi Choi’s spritely vocals transporting you to a 60’s technicolor daydream. The guitars bang out surfy riffs that would make for a helluva beach party. “To Dream” is like a perfect mash-up of The Cranberries and My Bloody Valentine, baking under a warm blanket, and “No Real Place” is a perky, party romp coasting along on New Wave guitars and 90’s alternative vibes.

Their entire album The Last Thing Left is a wonderful piece of work worth hearing, but for now you can discover a couple of their songs in our World Watch Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!


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