New Music Friday: January 27, 2023

One month down for 2023 – I hope it’s started off great for all of you. The music so far this year has been an interesting mix, and today is no different. We got the new album from alt country/Americana troubadour Pony Bradshaw, who is one of the best newer artists in this genre to come along in a minute. Edgy power pop group White Reaper, following the success of their last album, are returned with one that reaches for 80’s hair metal glory. Canadian hardcore group Fucked Up have their first proper new in a number of years, and we also really enjoyed the new album by Crystal Casino Band (see our review here), so we have that one here for ya.

The Dave Matthews Band announced a new album this week with a new single, and Josh Ritter dropped two new songs to promote his next LP. Joseph have a new pop rock gem, and Little Hurt‘s music never hurts so spin this new track. Runnner are running up to the release of their new album, while Zach Bryan releases his first new track of 2023 with Maggie Rogers featured. Fall Out Boy have the second new song from their next album out just one week after the first, and bluegrass trio Nickel Creek have their first new song out in nine years.

Other returning champions to the list include Michigander, Gorillaz, Charlotte Sands, Alien Tango, Sad Boys Club, Blondshell, Brian Dunne, Tobias Arbo, The Veils, Oxymorrons, Superlove, Mary Middlefield, AJJ, Tyler Posey and Sophia Marie.

Artists gracing our list for the first time this week are Cloe Wilder, Chris Picco, Annabel Lee, Matt Andersen, Raised on TV, Bravo Kilo, Gramercy Arms, Alma Mater, Adventure Playground, Speakeasy, Lovebreakers, Alice Howe and Dead Alright.

If you want to hear all of this music, follow our New Music Friday Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!

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