World Watch: Überyou

Country: Switzerland

In America, Switzerland is best known for chocolate, Alps, watches and staying neutral in global foreign conflicts. Here’s something to add to your knowledge of the country: there is a Swiss punk scene, and if Überyou is any example, it’s a strong one.

The melodic punk five piece band has been around for fifteen years, and just recently released their new album Silver Lining (which was done completely DIY, in true punk fashion). Tracks like “Revolt” have the mosh pit sing-along vibes of Dropkick Murphys (“got it all wrong, this is anti-social to me” is meant to be sung right back to the singer in a sweaty pit). And while songs like “Road to Philly” are muscular throughout, the band’s strongest muscle remains the heart at the center of songs like this one.

Older tracks like “Make It Last” feel uplifting as the guitars crescendo and the drums pump you full of fiery spirit. The vocals takes the syrupy melodies and coat them on rotgut whiskey for flavor. Same can be said for “So Long”, which carries a joyfulness in its energy that sounds like the Lawrence Arms on happy pills.

Blast some great tracks by Überyou in our World Watch Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music.


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