Check This: Andrina Turenne – Tour Du Monde

Artist: Andrina Turenne

Song: “Tour Du Monde”

Album: Bold as Logs

Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Indie Rock

While Franco-Manitoban M├ętis artist Andrina Turenne is preparing for the release of her debut solo album, Turenne is in fact a twenty-year veteran, having played on five continents, been a part of more than fifty albums, and won a Juno award as part of her time in the band Chic Gamine. While it has taken her some time to ready her first solo effort, if first single “Tour Du Monde” is a good representation of the album, it will be music worth hearing.

The track initially pulls you in with it’s crescendoing drum beat. When Turenne’s soulful vocals come in, harmonizing over themselves, you begin to get a sense of the folk-rock direction the track is heading. As my French fluency is lacking, I was unable to decipher the lyrics, but Turenne’s soothing vocals make the song welcoming all the same. Towards the latter half of the track, twangy, 60’s garage-style guitars get added to the musical equation, adding a cool, spaghetti-western atmosphere to the engaging production.

Get to know Andrina Turenne as a solo artist by checking out her new track in our Check This 2023 Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!


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