World Watch: Dottie Andersson

Country: Sweden

Pop with an edge; this might be how some would describe the sound of Dottie Andersson. Growing up in a musical family, playing drums and playing in the band Ason with her three younger sisters, Andersson made her solo debut this year, showing off music that comes “directly from my Swedish veins”, showing off the country’s knack for pop melodies, but with more attitude.

First single “Heavy Objects” is a sturdy indie pop track. Pumped up by Andersson’s drumming, the track details the burden of depression through the reciting of daily chores (“I threw away the sour milk. Drank some water and cleaned the sink”), highlighting the mundane tribulations that become “heavy objects” to deal with under these circumstances.

It’s a good sign that Andersson’s debut EP will be worth hearing! Check out this song in our World Watch Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music.


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