Sigur Rós announces release of 5th LP

After having prepped their fans with a post of another eventual post on their official website, Icelandic band, Sigur Rós announced on May 27th that their fifth full length record will be available worldwide June 23rd (on the next day for the North American market) entitled “Með Suð Í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust” (or roughly “with a buzz in our ears we play endlessly”). The band has posted the lead single (and lead track), “Gobbledigook” in MP3 format on their website along with the official video.

Upon hearing and viewing the track and video one can see just how appropriate the album title is. “Gobbledigook” continues on in the more carefree path they started with their last full-length, “Takk…” and the musings from their 1997 “Heim” EP of acoustic versions of some of their songs. Presently, gone are the feedback/reverb intense guitars and definitely the gloom and soberness that seemed to epitomize their earlier releases. Sigur Rós have continued their love for the nonsensical and joy of childish glee and this can be seen in the first music video of the album.

To view the video you are told that by clicking on the link you agree that you are at least 18 years of age. Now this might seem to mean that anything but youthful innocence lies ahead but after a short while your preconceptions are laid to rest. True, the video contains a large group of attractive twenty to thirty year olds frolicking nude in a lush forest but youthful naiveté than thoughts of some nudist sex cult. It is a clip simply presenting the joys and beauty of happiness and life.

Sigur Rós have shown time and time again that they are able to evolve and expand the “progressive rock” label they were initially given. From the first track alone this seems like a very welcomed change (it even clocks in at just over three minutes!) is ahead. June 23rd/24th will be marked on the calendar.

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