So Many Wizards: Love Songs for When You Leave Me (2010)

By: Bo Liebman


The second album from LA-based indie band So Many Wizards is a hypnotic blend of jangly pop, lo-fi rock, and the slightest hint of shoe-gazer haze. Opening song “Like No Other” starts things off too-quietly, and may throw off listeners from the energy and stronger melodies the band is capable of. The beautiful falsetto of “Nico” sounds like a gospel tune sung by one man, and could perfectly soundtrack the breaking of dawn. “Yellow Hands” is more upbeat, but juxtaposed by ghostly singing that keeps it unsettling.

The album’s bounciest track, “Night Terrors”, show So Many Wizard’s potential to eventually become a radio-friendly band, and leaves one wishing the song lasted longer than one minute and forty-one seconds.

Lead singer Nima Kazerouni has a great vocal range, and knows his way around a pretty melody, but the simple arrangements of the songs, while pleasant, could be improved by greater dynamics. The talent is all there, so as this band grows, hopefully the ambition will as well.


****Editor’s note: this is an older EP, newest album isn’t posted yet****

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