The Morning Benders: Big Echo (2010)

(Rough Trade Us)

The Morning Benders hearken back to a simpler time of slow thoughtful music that has a distinctly old timey feel. The lead track, accompanied by strings and a methodical drum beat could’ve been heard in a park in a band box in the ’40s but the next track time travels to the present with a Spoonish beat but somehow still fuses in the old timeyness.

It is unapolegetically feel good, toe tapping, unoffending innocence. The percussion and diverse vocal arrangements add a new feel to what would otherwise blend together in the meat of the album. At only ten tracks though, everything ends too quickly to get bland.

If you like Sufjan Stevens or Grandaddy you will really dig them. If you don’t but you like music that will make you happily remember innocence, you’ll like them. If you don’t like anything I’ve said till now, it doesn’t matter, you’ll still like them.


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