EP Review: Suedehead – In Motion EP

Following in the tradition of bands like The Rumble Strips and Fitz & the Tantrums, new Los Angeles group Suedehead mix Motown soul with British pub rock for an upbeat, danceable form of rock and roll that goes down smoothly.

First song “New Traditions” begins with a chugging guitar that sounds reminiscent of The Strokes, but soon evolves into a toe-tapping sing-along. “Young & In Love” rides a bouncy chorus to radio-ready perfection, while “Small Town Hero” brings in a triumphant brass section that hearken back to the songs of the 60’s. There’s also a social consciousness to this song, as the singer laments a friend who got “old when you were young” after working too long on minimum wage.

Single “Can’t Stop” uses a dark piano melody to contrast with the sugary sweet desire in the lyrics, as “I can’t stop holding onto you” repeats. The vocals, sounding like Elvis Costello with less grit, are perfectly suitable for these four songs, but some variations in tone and pitch will likely be needed for a full length to keep the songs from sounding too alike.

All around, it’s an enjoyable listen and worth your time to check out!  Listen to the EP here!

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