Summer Soundtrackin’

Hello Indy Review Readers,

As a fan of the classic art of mix tape (or more realistically, mix CD) creation, I have always felt that a necessary point of mastery of mix tapery was being able to create the perfect summer soundtrack in one CD.
Obviously, each individual has their own ideas about what music really says “summer” to them. For some, it’s the classics (Beach Boys, Jan and Dean), for others, it’s reggae and its SoCal love children (Bob Marley, Sublime), and then there are some who just want to blast the poppiest of the Top 40 all summer long.
If that music says “summer” to you, then by all means go forth and embrace it. I personally enjoy the challenge of finding summer tunes that are off the beaten track, but still bring the upbeat fun or the breezy mellow haze that work with these hot days.
Below is an example of one of my summer mixes for you all to try out, meant to start you at the beach, and end when you’re watching the sun set over the ocean. If you have trouble locating a song, feel free to contact me for help. And please, share your own favorite summer playlists!
Summer Mix 2011
1. Blestenation – Cruel Summer (BlestENation remix)
2. The Travoltas – Endless Summer
3. Ted Hawkins – Sweet Baby
4. The Mynah Birds – It’s My Time
5. Stereophonics – Have a Nice Day
6. Old 97’s – Timebomb
7. Ryan Adams – So Alive
8. K’Naan – In the Beginning
9. Lauryn Hill – Lose Myself
10. Sam Cooke – Good Times
11. Hockey – Song Away
12. Muscles – Lauren from Glebes
13. Talking Heads – This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)
14. Mumm-Ra – She’s Got You High
15. Gin Blossoms – Learning the Hard Way
16. The Waterboys – Strange Boat
17. Lucero – Summer Song
18. Ween – Bananas and Blow
19. Nellie McKay – Caribbean Time
20. Trevor Hall – Lime Tree
21. Ziggy Marley – Beach in Hawaii
22. Gentleman – Dem Gone
23. Dirty Gold – California Sun
24. Syd – Summer

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