Lost Gems: Lee Moses – Bad Girl

Lee Moses was an American R&B singer and guitarist who recorded during the late 60’s and early 70’s. Though all of his releases at the time were commercially unsuccessful, he has since become a revered icon of deep soul music, and his albums and singles have become collectors items.

I first heard the passionate, soulful rocker “Bad Girl” in a trailer for a small Clive Owen movie. My attempts to Shazam the song proving unsuccessful, I immediately crowd-sourced an answer on Facebook, and discovered Lee Moses. His one full-length LP is a collection of originals and covers (his version of “California Dreaming” is truly inspired), but nothing comes close to the perfection that is “Bad Girl”. Horns and guitars accompany Lee’s wailing as he laments falling for a woman who everyone in his life warns him is bad news. It’s a near perfect track, and to this day I can’t understand why it would not have been a hit.

On Spotify, the single can only be found in two parts, but the song has been put together digitally by fans in recent years (as in the above link).


  1. Hi,
    do you have any idea, why this song is departed? Was it initialy like this? Has the second part been recorded afterwards?


    1. Hey Dominik,

      I don’t know why the song is in two parts, but there is definitely a second part, as well as a full version of the song. A few weeks ago, an album of rarities and b-sides by Lee Moses appeared on Spotify that contained all of them, but for some reason (I’m guessing some rights/label issues) went down a week later. Wish I knew more!


      Bo (Indy Review)


      1. Thanx.
        In a soul forum I’ve got the answer/guess that the division could depend on the vinyl record and therefore on the purpose of high quality.


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