Check This: Charly Bliss – Glitter

Artist: Charly Bliss

Song: Glitter

Genre: Power Pop, indie rock

Very few people outside of music critics have heard of, much less understand, the genre described as “power pop”. In the modern sense, it’s music from rock bands going for big crunchy choruses and feel-good energetic blasts of radio-friendly music. Think Weezer, OK Go, and up-and-coming Brooklyn four piece Charly Bliss.

Take new single “Glitter“, from their album Guppy – lead singer Eva Hendrick’s high pitched, baby vocals careen over the chugging guitars, only to open up on the wide harmonious chorus of “Am I the best? Of just the first person to say yes?”. The song is a half taunt/half self-flagellation as Eva discusses a lover she treats like shit, but any darkness in the tune is lost as its refracted through the upbeat, bubblegum music and sing-song vocals. It’s a hummable treat.

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