Bad Ass Break-Outs: Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires

The spirit of rock n’ roll will never go away, but sometimes it takes groups like Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires to remind us what it’s all about. Heralding from Alabama, lead singer Lee Bains played in a number of local bands before assembling the Glory Fires.

Right out the gates of their third album Youth Detention, the band socks you in the face with crunchy guitars, rockabilly pianos, and spitfire lyrics that will lift your soul like you’re at a southern punk rock revival. And in case you weren’t sure the band meant business, they end six of their song titles with exclamation marks. Because rock n’ roll.

Tracks to Listen To:

Underneath the Sheets of White Noise – with vocal dexterity that would impress Michael Stipe, this one feels like a 90’s alt rock classic that never was.

Breaking It Down! – The lead off track that is the essence of what a lead off track should do – burst the album open with the energy of a bomb.

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