Bad Ass Break-Outs: Chastity Brown

The best song-writing can transcend genres, and Minneapolis’ Chastity Brown has proven this over her 10+ year career, as she has continued to release songs blending folk, soul, alternative, and jazz. She is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter, and her talents coalesce beautifully on her fifth album, Silhouette of Sirens (2017).

Most of the songs on the album are built off Brown’s soaring vocals and acoustic guitar, like opener “Drive Slow”, the gorgeous coffee house ballad that opens the album. First single “Wake Up” brings in a full band for driven alt. rock number that could have made her a radio star in the days when Alanis Morissette and Sheryl Crowe ruled the airwaves. Older singles like banjo-driven “After You”, from album Back-Road Highways (2012) highlight Brown’s folk inspirations, while still crescendoing towards a big, soulful conclusion.

Now that we’ve finally come back to a time when artists like The Alabama Shakes and Valerie June can get radio play and sell-out venues, don’t be surprised if Chastity Brown creates a deafening buzz in your neighborhood soon.

Tracks to Listen To:

Wake Up – A melancholy-tinged rocker that should be topping AAA radio playlists

Colorado – Guitar driven road song with perfect harmonics and crisp production

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