World Watch: theAngelcy

Country: Israel

Formed in the summer of 2011 by singer Rotem Bar Or, theAngelcy manage to combine all manners of musical styles into a unique sound that is both exotic yet very western at the same time.

Rotem’s voice is similar to Nick Drake with a hint of accent. On single “My Baby Boy”, a “Pink Moon” melody evolves as horns and fiddles come in to add a worldly flavor. Similarities to Beirut could easily be made based on the Baltic influences. They aren’t afraid to get political either, like on the flute-funk of “Freedom Fighters”, as the narrator talks about their child being killed by said fighters. On latest single “The Call”, a hip hop drum beat opens up to a a choral harmony ala Of Monsters and Men. Melancholy violins enter at the chorus, as Rotem pines for the person he wants to be with. It’s a lovely love song, that reminds us that even in the most contentious parts of the world, people are still looking for the most basic emotional connections to make life worth living.

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