Check This: Fink – Looking Too Closely

Artist: Fink

Song: Looking Too Closely

Genre: Indie, Trip-hop, Folk

Most artists these days start their careers playing instruments, and then go into DJing as a side gig to make extra money. Not England’s Fink – he translated his career as an electronic music DJ into being a touring singer-songwriter. There are still electronic and trip-hop elements sprinkled through his acoustic music, but has he’s grown in this sphere and collaborated with other artists (including the late Amy Winehouse), his skills as a songwriter have grown.

His moving single “Looking Too Closely” (from 2014’s Hard Believer) is a great example of this. Acoustic strumming and piano interlace under Fink‘s soft-spoken vocals about hurting people. The song builds smoothly until a full band breaks out half-way in, turning the song into a healing anthem. Great music for chill afternoons and hard times.

1 Comment

  1. Having listened to the track and thought what fantastic lyrics and tune it was and then went to see what people thought of the track and to see one comment that read …….. this track saved me from committing suicide…. I just was blown away with that one comment that it just shows the power of music and how it can change the way you feel and change your mind set so thank you Fink


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