Check This: Red City Radio – Rebels

Artist: Red City Radio

Song: Rebels

Genre: Punk Rock

Solid punk rock can be hard to find. Groups that have the combination of a muscular sound, raw vocals, and the songwriting skills to turn that musical talent into something listenable are rare, but the cream rises to the top: Social Distortion, Bad Religion, Dropkick Murphys, Face to Face…and new(er) to the scene – Red City Radio. Hailing from Oklahoma City, the band formed ten years ago but only crossed my radar with their excellent self-titled album in 2015.

And by the sound of it, a new album is coming. The band released the song “If You Want Blood (Be My Guest)” earlier this year, and in May, came out with the excellent single “Rebels”. A take down of poser punks and protesters, singer Garret Dale sings “They’re only rebels ’cause they like the songs / and I’m sure that it won’t take long / Before they all talk their shit and go home”. And there’s no fake ferocity or roaring vocals from RCR – the verses are full of classic rock harmonies that build into a fist-pumping chorus that could dominate at a Warped Tour. Gleaming guitars shine over proud drum bashing as the song comes to a blistering conclusion. It’s pure proof that Red City Radio are ready to garner some radio play.

The group is currently touring, and hitting Los Angeles’ Teragram Ballroom on October 12th.

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