Check This: Diane Coffee – Mayflower

Artist: Diane Coffee

Song: Mayflower

Genre: Rock n’ Roll

Mixing the flamboyant, gender-bending attitude of early Rolling Stones and David Bowie with Beatles-esque melodies, Diane Coffee (real name Shaun Fleming) has been releasing his brand of exuberant rock n’ roll since 2013. Taking a break from being the live drummer for Foxygen, Coffee recorded his debut album My Friend Fish in New York on his own, not recruiting a full band for touring until afterwards.

In 2015, Coffee released his follow-up album Everybody’s a Good Dog, which included the horn-filled single “Mayflower”. Blasting off out the gates like a marching band on speed, the track then flows into a chill acoustic rhythm as Coffee enters with bluesy vocals, “How can I help you? I can get you what you want”. If it’s not an intentional Stones reference, I would be pretty surprised, as Coffee sounds like a young Jagger. The triumphant horns return with chugging guitars during the commanding chorus. If you miss the classic rock of the 60’s, Diane Coffee can satisfy that craving.

Also check out Coffee’s latest single, “Poor Man Dan”, released earlier this month.

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