Throwback Thursday: Our Lady Peace – Life

Our Lady Peace are one of Canadian’s biggest musical acts of any genre, but you wouldn’t know that living here in the States. In the late 90’s, the group found a modicum of success with their singles “Clumsy” and “Superman’s Dead”, and had a minor resurgence in 2002 with “Somewhere Out There” and “Innocent” from their album Gravity. In between, the band released the album Spiritual Machines, which contained the first song I ever heard by the group and one that still dangerously balances on the line between uplifting and cheesy: “Life”.

Lead by singer Raine Maida’s nasally vocals and a muted guitar riff, the song is unabashed in preaching its positive message that the bad times in life will pass. With the recent bout of rock star suicides, it feels like a sadly relevant message to spread again, though you would be hard pressed to find a song as direct and corny on modern rock radio these days.

OLP are releasing two new EPs this year, and have already dropped their new single “Drop Me in the Water“, which has been steadily growing on me the last month. Check it out, and go dive in to some of Our Lady Peace‘s back catalog to see why Canada has been gushing over them for years.

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