Check This: Buyepongo – Sueltan Fuego

Artist: Buyepongo

Song: Sueltan Fuego

Genre: Latin, Afrobeat, Jazz, Cumbia

If you ever want proof that LA is a true melting pot, you can just look to a group like Buyepongo. Originally formed in 2010, the group split but reformed with new members in 2011. Band mates would come and go over the next few years as they tried to create a truly new sound (which they have dubbed buyangú). They released their first full length album last year, and just recently released the new single “Sueltan Fuego”.

The hip shaking rhythm with call-and-response vocals (mostly in Spanish, but with moments in English) are bound to get people on the dance floor. When the tropical guitar and horns come in, you’ll feel a longing for island beach nights. It is the best kind of escapist music blended together in one entrancing jam.

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